All information on this page is in reference to Plan First Technologies MSP client portal.

Initial Setup of Your Account


1) Receive Account Setup Email

Your client account will be created by your Managed Services Provider. Once the account is created you will receive an email you can can follow to complete your account setup. Click the button in the email to get started.


2) Create A Password

Follow the unscreen instructions to create a secure password. If you forget your password it can be reset by contacting your MSP Administrator.


3) MFA Selection

MFA stands for Multi Factor Authentication. This will be an additonal code you enter while logging in to authenticate your login.

SMS – Will send the code to your phone, you can click change phone and have the code sent to you.

Time Based –  Will allow you to setup authentication through an app on your phone.

Once your code is entered and successfully verified you will be logged in to the portal. SEE HOW TO START A REMOTE SESSION IN THE NEXT SECTION BELOW



Use this Website to Login

Start a Remote Session

This is the path to start a remote connection:

Click Dashboard > (Select Your Ogranization) > (Select Your Computer)


Click either Blue Button for Splashtop or Teamviewer toward the top of the page (If the remote agent is already installed on your device the session will start, give it at least 20 seconds to make a connection)

If the remote agent is not yet installed click the link to download and install the remote agent you selected > Once it’s installed reclick the blue button at the top of the screen to start a remote session.

Once the session has started you will get a box that pops up which is a remote session connecting to your device. From here it’s just like your sitting at your desk. ADJUST YOUR DEVICE POWER SETTINGS AT THE NEXT SECTION BELOW

Adjust Your Device Power Settings!

Your computer will need to be turned on and stay on in order for you to remote in and successfully work on it. Select your operating system below to see a guide on how to do that for you machine. 

One of the last things to check is make sure that your device has a reliable source of power. If it’s a laptop make sure it’s plugged in. If the building has spotty power think about getting a battery backup to keep your device up when the power cuts in and out. Hopefully these things can will keep you up and running while working from home. Please contact our support with question and concerns.


Feel free to contact us anytime with questions or concerns. We strive to be different, we want your experience to be memorable.


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