It’s called Managed Services or MSP (Managed Service Provider) because we take control, monitor, and maintain the technology in your business. Inventory of Devices, Health of Hardware, Antivirus Monitoring, Windows Updates, are some of the areas we specialize in to make your life easier. These are proactive services to help keep your system up when you need it most. Our diverse staff of technology experts work together to keep your business running at the highest level.

“Upgrade your companies Technology Department today, imagine a full and diverse staff of technology experts at your disposal.”

Antivirus Monitoring

We are directly alerted when a virus is detected within your company, we are able to take action faster then ever before. Antivirus scans are scheduled during off hours to keep you protected with out slow downs during the day. If a virus is detected on your network we either clean it up immediately in the background or will call you directly to discuss if it needs further attention for removal.

“Have an extra set of eyes on your Antivirus.”


How are you alerted if a virus is found

A ticket will be immediately submitted to our triage system for a technician to start working on.

How Good is Your Antivirus

Bitdefender is our Antivirus of choice and is deployed via our MSP system. It is a top tier light weight Antivirus, it performs great without slowing down the device.

How fast can you take action

When the system detects a virus, if possible it will quarantine and clean the virus immediately. If not, a ticket is submitted to our technicians who will work it as soon as possible.

Should I still call if I'm not sure

Yes, call us anytime. Especially if something dosen’t seem right!

Patch Management

Windows updates are more important than ever for the security of your business. Using our maintenance schedule we are able to Download, Install, and Reboot when you’re not working. Outside attacks will most commonly target devices that are out of date. Devices without the latest patches are used as holes for attackers to gain access to your devices and your network.

“Recieve the latest security patches for your devices sooner, rather than later.”


What is Patching

Patching is updating in the computer world. When a device is out of date, it has security holes that need to be “Patched” to stay as protected as possible.

Do I really need to update my devices

The more “out of date” a device is, the easier it is to be exploited by an outside attacker. This can lead to your network or company data being compromised. It is extremely important in todays world.

Premium Support

We are still your trusted IT support team, only with an easier more efficient way to support your Technology needs! Break/Fix billing is a thing of the past, call when you need support without the worry of financial restrictions. Billing is done on a monthly bases not per ticket or incident. Modern management tools allow us to cover your devices at the highest level as a team.

“Don’t stress when you pick up the phone for an IT issue.”


What is Break/Fix

Break/Fix is how Technology Support has been provided for years. If a problem comes up with your technology (it breaks), then you call to have it fixed. After it’s fixed you pay. With our MSP you call, we help. Billing is already determined ahead of time.

How is monthly billing helpful
  • Call when you need us, the cost is already taken care of
  • Plan ahead financially, already know what your going to spend in IT expenses
  • Because you commit to us, we commit to you. Providing higher priority services

Superior Workflow

With our MSP tools we are able to do basic troubleshooting in the background of your devices without interrupting your employees work flow. Once we have identified an issue we will then contact the employee to connect and fix the issue.

Employee Ticket Submission

Allow your employees to report IT issues when they happen live with a screen shot and first hand details. Word of mouth can significantly decrease turn around time of a technology issue. From the bottom right of an employee’s computer they can submit their IT issue straight to our ticketing system.

Status Reports

Get weekly or monthly status reports sent directly to your email address about Patch Management, Antivirus, Device Details, and more.

Client Side Portal

Get access to a web portal showing you all the devices that are being monitored by Plan First Technologies.

Device Inventory

We have the ability to provide advanced information live from the devices on your network. This helps us keep your organization organized and you informed. 

Add On Services

Sometimes more is needed to get the job done. Take a look at additonal services that can be added on to your exisiting MSP support to make your life easier.

  • Allow your employees to remotely connect to their devices from home via the simplistic client web portal
  • File level backup of specifc directories on devices within your network

Full Staff Support

Regardless of this newer more efficient technology management system, at the end of the day we are still your down to earth tech specialists. Call us when you need us for advice or to work an issue. All of our tech specialists are available to help you. Desktops/Laptops, Servers/Networking, Repair/Recovery are just some of the areas we are ready to provide coverage on. Have our guidance by your side, as your company grows and adapts in today’s technology world.

“Thank you for trusting us with your IT needs!”    -The Plan First Team

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